February 12, 2017

Special Cases – The Long Island File (26): The Black Cadillac, the Stone, and Agar

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After his peculiar hypnotic session with Jaye Paro, John has an unsettling interaction with a black Cadillac. Paro’s ostensible contacts are interested in a stone, and John interviews Agar, although, as usual, they do not talk directly. For those unfamiliar with Dorothy Kilgallen, she was a columnist and TV personality who died young, apparently by mixing alcohol and barbiturates. Kennedy assassination theorists sometimes claimed her death was part of a cover-up; this is the first time I’ve seen it blamed on aliens.

February 5, 2017

Special Cases – The Long Island File (25): The Hypnotic Session

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Following an anonymous phone request, John and Jaye Paro visit the cemetery. She plays him a couple of tapes, one from the ever-persistent Princess Moon Owl. He then agrees, although reluctantly, to hypnotize Paro, and the result is chaotic and puzzling. We would expect no less!

February 1, 2017

Special Cases – The Long Island File (24): The Gideon Bible

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We’re still in July, 1967. Jaye Paro passes along a couple of incoherent communiques from the supposed aliens. Agar was one of her usual contacts, and doesn’t make much sense. Revelation 8 concerns the four angels blowing their trumpets; it doesn’t do much to clarify the message. I also don’t know if John is being compared to John of Patmos.

After another strange phone call, John heads for Long Island. He checks into a hotel, and finds a Gideon Bible with his name in it. Of course, John is a common name, as well as a book of the Bible, but you can’t blame him for being spooked.

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