November 14, 2018

Special File – Volume Three (19): Questions (QA-5)

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At the end of the file is a photocopy of Appell’s reply to John’s fifth questionnaire. The original was probably in red pencil, Appell’s favorite medium, and the photocopy has not aged well, but most of the answers are still legible.

November 4, 2018

Special File – Volume Three (18): A Letter from Appell, November 1967

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John bound photocopies of two letters and a questionnaire from Appell at the end of his “Special File.” I posted the original of the first one, from November 24, here. The second one responds to John’s letter of October 2, which John included in his file here. John had, quite naturally, objected to the suggestion that he and Jaye get married and have children, and Appell explains it was all an experiment.

October 28, 2018

Special File – Volume Three (17): Special Report 4/12/68

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John concludes his “Special File” with a “Special Report” about appearances of a Keel double. Since it’s signed, dated, and has a return address, I suppose it was meant for publication, or at least distribution among his fellow ufologists. Bound into the file after this are photocopies of two of Appell’s letters from November ’67, and a questionnaire Appell supposedly answered (“QA-5”).

October 21, 2018

Special File – Volume Three (16): Here We Go Again (Groan)

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Tim’na (Jaye Paro) calls John, and gives him “some surprising details” about his recent visit to Washington. This, of course, is the sort of thing that made it harder for John to dismiss her stories. She also mentions an upcoming meeting in Amityville, as Helen and Louise had the day before. John also gets a call from a boy named John Amato, who claims to be an alien, and is investigating another story about a high school teacher who announced to his class that he was from Venus. Alas, I don’t know who Sam is.

October 14, 2018

Special File – Volume Three (15): Princess Moon Owl Again

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Tim’na (Jaye Paro) reports to John that Princess Moon Owl has returned, and has then vanished cinematically into a cemetery. She also claims Mt. Misery has been “inundated with dogs.” Louise and Helen also call. Both mention an upcoming meeting in Amityville. I guess that means that they’re either in contact with each other, or that someone else is in contact with both of them. Unfortunately, I don’t know what Sam’s file is.

October 7, 2018

Special File – Volume Three (14): A Fuse Blown, a Tape Erased

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John spends a few days in Washington with Lynn Catoe. He appears on some radio shows; the tape of one is erased by accident. A fuse blows as he discusses UFOs with Ms. Catoe. I haven’t seen the “Casey Truck” incident in these notes, but it appears in Chapter 17 of The Mothman Prophecies: Ms. Catoe drives to Ivan Sanderson’s farm, is stopped several times by a man in a truck, and later finds a lump of putty under her car. John describes her in detail, and specifies “Our relationship is not platonic.” Who did he think needed to know? Posterity, perhaps? Well, if so, here we are.

September 30, 2018

Special File – Volume Three (13): Mumps

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John resumes his daily entries, with more reports from Jaye Paro and Helen Oglemyer. Both report being taken to a big house, which Jaye later identifies as a church; both say they came down with the mumps, or something like it. In addition, Jaye makes some notes she can’t understand the next day.

I don’t know who Bill Donovan was, but a search reveals he was a member of NICAP. There’s more on the “Gordon Evans affair” here.

September 23, 2018

Special File – Volume Three (12): The Big “Hush Up” Plot

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The next item in John’s “Special File” is a four-page report on phone hoaxes. I already posted it here, since he also put it in another file. He continues with an account of a hoax to test Jim Moseley, and then more notes on his phone troubles. Complicated! I don’t know where he put that letter from Mrs. Jamroz.

September 16, 2018

Special File – Volume Three (11): The Cloudy Crystal Ball

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On the last day of 1967, John notes some of the prophecies he received from his network of contactees. He put his name and return address on it, so I assume it was meant for publication. Fortunately, these dire prophecies were not fulfilled.

September 10, 2018

Special File – Volume Three (10): “Men in Black”: Behavioral Patterns

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The “Special File” continues with a summation of recent “Men in Black” cases. John describes their appearance and behavior, rejects the idea that they’re affiliated with any government agency, and urges witnesses to report any encounters or harassment to the police or F.B.I. I assume this was written for some UFO magazine or newsletter, but I don’t know which.

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