October 11, 2016

Special Cases – The Long Island File (11): Princess Moon Owl

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John’s daily record of 1967 continues. Jaye Paro reports that she had a strange visitor at the radio station: the “kind of nutsy” Princess Moon Owl. Much of the Princess’s story is patently ridiculous, leaving John even more baffled as to what all this means.

The notes on the tape will follow…



October 2, 2016

Special Cases – The Long Island File (10): An Intercepted Letter

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John had sent back the disk Jaye Paro claimed her contacts had given her, with a letter asking to meet with one of them, Mr. Apol. Ms. Paro reports that the letter arrived, apparently opened, and that the disk was damaged. She also tells John that Apol and Agar have been spotted by other people around town.



September 25, 2016

Special Cases – The Long Island File (9): A Letter to Jerome Clark

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In the midst of his continuing drama with Jaye Paro and her unusual contacts, John answers a letter from Jerome Clark. He touches on many aspects of his and others’ research, assesses government interest in UFOs, reports on a radio show he did with Jim Moseley and Tim Beckley, and touches on the material he’s getting from Paro.




September 18, 2016

Special Cases – The Long Island File (8): Keel Follows Through

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In the next selection from John’s “Special Cases” file, he follows through on the information from Jaye Paro’s supposed contacts. He notes the Biblical associations of their names, analyzes and returns the disk they gave her, and writes a letter requesting a meeting with Mr. Apol. He is, as usual, thorough.




September 11, 2016

Special Cases – The Long Island File (7): Agar Steals Rags

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The strange events of 1967 continue to get stranger, as chronicled in the “Special Cases” file. Jaye Paro meets “Miss Xeno” (as John had dubbed her) stealing rags from the basement of Paro’s apartment building. Miss Xeno reveals that her name is “Agar,” and appears frightened at being caught. John is perplexed by all this, and continues to try to figure out what’s really going on.




September 7, 2016

Special Cases – The Long Island File (6): The Metal Disk

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The next installment in John’s “Special Cases” file concerns the metal disk Jaye Paro claimed Mr. Apol had given her. She sent it to John, who was duly puzzled, and who was beginning to suspect the whole business was a hoax. Just in case, however, he made a notarized statement about some of her predictions.




August 29, 2016

Special Cases – The Long Island File (5): Miss Xeno and the Pills

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We pick up the story later the same day. Jaye Paro has another encounter with “Miss Xeno,” as John dubbed her.

Sulfa tablets are antimicrobial, and contain synthetic sulfonamides. They’re not straight sulfur. John kept some from one of his contactees, which I posted a picture of here.



August 22, 2016

Special Cases – The Long Island File (4): Mr. Apol

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We have here the next excerpt from John’s “Special Cases” file, his investigation of contactees in Long Island in 1967. Jaye Paro has already had an unsettling encounter with a strange woman in a library and a clothing store, and now meets her again. She also has her first encounter with Mr. Apol. All of this was eventually incorporated into Chapter 15 of The Mothman Prophecies. This is a fuller account, including Apol’s odd questions to Jaye.

John states here that he thinks she’s telling the truth, but expresses reservations elsewhere in his files.




August 16, 2016

Special Cases – The Long Island File (3): The Librarian

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We continue through John’s “Special Cases” file, which chronicles, day by day, his investigations in 1967. Jaye Paro had started sending him her experiences, which only became stranger and more elaborate as time went on. It should be remembered that John was suspicious of her stories, but kept up the correspondence to find out more. These next few entries concern Jaye’s encounters with the mysterious “Librarian.”

Please note the first appearance of the enigmatic Mr. Apol, here spelled “Apal.”




August 1, 2016

Special Cases – The Long Island File (2): Jaye Paro and Afalyes

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Forging doggedly through John’s “Special Cases” files, we come across his first interactions with Jaye Paro (the professional name of Joanne Perranno). Readers may recognize her from her appearance in The Mothman Prophecies. I have no idea what she was up to, but a lot of high weirdness followed.





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