March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, John Keel

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John Keel would have been 84 today.  The best way to celebrate, I think, is to read one of his books.  Here’s a picture of him, taken by the filmmaker George Kuchar.



March 13, 2014

Organized Harassment of Individuals (8)

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This is the last of John Keel’s dossier on “Organized Harassment of Individuals.”  He conducted a bit of an investigation into some of his own phone problems, with some unexpected results.  I did, by the way, do some digging, and found that a James F. Ahern, the chief of police in New Haven, was convicted of illegal wiretapping from 1968 to 1970; his brothers, Stephen, John, and William, all police officers, were also implicated.  Apparently both criminals and political dissidents were targeted.  The elderly William Ahern that John found seems to have been much older.  A search for Joseph Tittel only turns up a contemporary medium, certainly an odd coincidence.




March 5, 2014

Organized Harassment of Individuals (7)

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John Keel’s dossier on “organized harassment” of UFO witnesses and researchers continues, with a section on “photographic incidents” and a summation.  The Fate article he mentions, “UFO Report: The Sinister Men in Black,” does discuss those photographers, but, as the title indicates, is mostly devoted to MIB reports.

Following the summation, John included two photocopies, badly faded now: a memo on “Impersonations of Air Force Officers,” from Lt. General Hewitt T. Wheless, March 1, 1967, and a newspaper column by John from February 3, 1967.  I’ve darkened them; the column is legible, but the memo has pretty much evaporated.  I’ll post it anyway, so you don’t have to take my word for it.  This is not the end of the dossier; there are three more pages on John’s investigation of phone problems in NYC.  I’ll post them next time.






February 24, 2014

Organized Harassment of Individuals (6)

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We continue with John Keel’s private dossier on “Organized Harassment of Individuals.”  The third part describes direct physical harassment, often by people impersonating military officers, salesmen, or missionaries.  He doesn’t name any of the witnesses; I suppose because he’s looking for patterns, either for his own clarification or that of other researchers, and not marshaling evidence for a general audience.




February 17, 2014

More Puzzling Mail

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As a footnote to the last post, here are a couple of enigmatic pieces of mail from John’s files.  The first was postmarked January 24, 1968, the second the 25th.  They seem to come from the same person.  Is it relevant that John never went to college?  And what was the meaning of all this?

ADDENDUM: Well, imagine that.  I took another look at that cipher and figured it out.  If you read the third letter of each group (as the underlined “3” suggests), it reads: Friday Feb 2 at St Patricks 9 PM J.  Huh!





February 14, 2014

Organized Harassment of Individuals (5)

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We continue with John Keel’s file on the harassment of ufologists; here’s more of his outline on unusual and intimidating mail.  An example of one of his letters from the “International Bankers” is here; a paste-up letter is here.



February 6, 2014

Organized Harassment of Individuals (4)

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In the second part of this dossier, John turns to the postal problems reported by UFO researchers.




January 27, 2014

Organized Harassment of Individuals (3)

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In this next part of John Keel’s dossier on harassment of UFO witnesses and researchers, he discusses the patterns of the calls, the manipulation of phone bills, and the people most likely to be targeted.  (The file consists of carbon copies of varying quality; sorry they’re not crisper…)






January 20, 2014

“The Eighth Tower” Is Back in Print!

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John Keel’s book The Eighth Tower is back in print, thanks to Anomalist Books and the Estate of John A. Keel.

By the time John finished The Mothman Prophecies, it had grown much too long.  He pruned it judiciously, and reworked the excised material into The Eighth Tower.  It’s probably his most speculative and theoretical book, containing his ideas on the superspectrum (the expanded electromagnetic continuum in which we live), those mysterious ultraterrestrials, and man’s interactions with his gods.  It’s long been a favorite of mine.

It’s also a book that has been increasingly difficult to find, and vintage copies have been commanding higher and higher prices from dealers.  This new edition is long overdue.  Anomalist Books can be found here.

January 13, 2014

Organized Harassment of Individuals (2)

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I’ll continue here with the file that John called “Organized Harassment of Individuals.”  This part details a number of types of telephone harassment.  John also went into this subject in Chapter 17 of The Mothman Prophecies, “Even the Bedouins Hate Their Telephone Company”; his files are filled with puzzling phone calls, cryptic letters, hoaxes, disinformation, and miscommunications of all kinds.  One note: WBAB was the radio station that employed contactee Jaye Paro; Moseley is James Moseley, editor of Saucer Smear, and occasional Keel nemesis.





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