November 20, 2018

A Letter from Charles Bowen, July 8, 1966

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I’ll turn now to John’s correspondence with Charles Bowen (1918-1987), who edited the British magazine Flying Saucer Review from 1964 to 1987. The letters are from 1966 and 1967, mostly Bowen’s, although John kept carbons of some of his. I’m afraid they’re less sensational than the Long Island material, but do offer glimpses into the vagaries of ufology and publication in the ’60s. For younger readers: the letters are blue because they’re aerograms, a lightweight air mail format now mostly discontinued (apparently Australia still issues them).

In this first note, Bowen discusses an article by Gordon Creighton about Antônio Vilas Boas, a Brazilian contactee who claimed to have had sex with an alien in 1957. He also mentions the “surprising” Solway Firth Spaceman photo, taken by a fireman named Jim Templeton in 1964, which seems to show an alien astronaut (interpreted by others as a blurry shot of Templeton’s wife).


  1. Doug, thanks for posting this. I look forward to the rest of this series. I suspect it will be quite interesting.

    Comment by J.P. — November 24, 2018 @ 6:29 am

  2. It’s not as wild as the Long Island story, but there are some interesting nuggets in it.

    Comment by Doug — November 25, 2018 @ 12:24 pm

  3. To be honest, Doug, I was kind of Paro-ed out, so I welcome this. It became hard to distinguish between reality and fantasy after awhile, and I suspect JAK had the same problem 50 years ago.

    Comment by J.P. — November 26, 2018 @ 9:30 am

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