September 16, 2018

Special File – Volume Three (11): The Cloudy Crystal Ball

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On the last day of 1967, John notes some of the prophecies he received from his network of contactees. He put his name and return address on it, so I assume it was meant for publication. Fortunately, these dire prophecies were not fulfilled.


  1. I find it fascinating how self proclaimed contactees always make predictions.It happens a lot today but apparently it was already a thing when John was investigating all this.

    Comment by Joseph — September 17, 2018 @ 7:27 pm

  2. predictions can always be retrofitted. something can be made to seem to fit into a prediction or made to fit. he makes claims that the contacts have good track records, but only offers an anecdote.

    Joseph, i read “Religion and the Decline of Magic,” and apparently disaster forecasts and predictions like nostrodamus were popular pulp reading in the middle ages. i guess like enquirer is today.

    Comment by patty g — September 20, 2018 @ 2:57 pm

  3. Thanks for the reply patty g and I completely agree with the Nostradamus part.

    Comment by Joseph — September 21, 2018 @ 11:48 am

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