September 10, 2017

Special Cases – The Long Island File (54): Important

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After the questionnaire, John’s record resumes with more wild stories from Jaye Paro. He remarks, “at this point almost anything seems possible.” I wouldn’t go that far, but I continue to be baffled at what Paro was doing, and how she was coming up with her stories. John also gives a list of supposed UFO bases in Long Island; in later years, he said he discovered many of the suspected sites were military, and realized that he probably shouldn’t have been snooping around them.


  1. Did John ever meet Joe and the other new contactees mentioned?

    Comment by Joseph — September 11, 2017 @ 12:01 am

  2. I grew up in Nassau County, which is to the west of these alleged goings-on. I’m disappointed there were no UFO bases in my home county. Sigh. These aliens loved Suffolk County.

    Comment by J.P. — September 11, 2017 @ 11:40 pm

  3. Not that I can remember. Maybe they’ll show up later in the notes.

    Comment by Doug — September 12, 2017 @ 12:26 am

  4. “It’s probably the same language I heard on short wave in W. VA.”

    Easy there John, let’s not go jumping to conclusions.

    Comment by EIghth Street — September 13, 2017 @ 1:28 pm

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