January 14, 2018

Special Cases – The Long Island File (70): Questions (QA #4)

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John submitted another questionnaire to Apol, and included the response in his file. Apol (I suppose channeled by Jaye Paro) replied in crude red pencil; John transcribed the answers on these carbons.

A few notes: On page 2, the questions about people in caverns refer to Richard Shaver’s claims of underground cities, frequently discussed in UFO circles. Long John Nebel’s nightly radio show often focused on UFOs; Apol identified him as a contactee in an earlier questionnaire. John Lester wrote a series of articles on UFOs for the Newark Star-Ledger in 1958. I can’t identify Tom Everett Hilliard or “Charlie.” Gordon Evans wrote for Fate, Flying Saucers, and other magazines; Joseph Henslick was a contactee, according to John a confessed hoaxer; Don Estrella was a friend of John’s, mentioned in Chapter 9 of The Mothman Prophecies.

As I said about an earlier questionnaire, John’s questions are probably more interesting than the answers.

(Incidentally, I accidentally deleted the last dozen or so comments on this site while deleting spam. Sorry! No offense intended!)

January 7, 2018

Special Cases – The Long Island File (69): An Operation and a Letter

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On September 14, 1967, John noted that Jaye Paro underwent a kidney operation. I wondered if her condition, or some medication to treat it, might cause vivid dreams or hallucinations, but a physician I asked (Dr. Mamie Caton) said it was unlikely, particularly over several months.  Sodium pentothal, in addition to its reputation as a truth serum, was once a common sedative.

The same day, John wrote another letter to Paro’s aliens (Tim’na is Paro), sending another questionnaire and taking them to task for their behavior. Does anyone know who “Mr. Alexander” was? Googling turns up many, but I don’t know which one fits the context here.

January 2, 2018

Special Cases – The Long Island File (68): A Red Top and the Petersons

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Happy New Year! Here, we continue with John’s “Special Cases” file. To anyone who hasn’t been following this, these are John Keel’s notes from 1967, which he later used for his book The Mothman Prophecies. Most of the notes are about Long Island, rather than Point Pleasant; I’m posting the files as he collected them. His primary contactee this year was Jaye Paro, a radio host at WBAB, who provided him with an avalanche of strange reports, mostly about her contacts with two aliens or androids named Apol (or Appell) and Agar. John found her stories credible, at least at the time.

The next installments concern a strange phone call and a report from Paro about a confused couple she met on Mt. Misery (long rumored to be haunted). John did own a small top, which he said a friend had given him; Paro’s aliens had asked about it before.

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