May 29, 2017

Special Cases – The Long Island File (40): Jaye Paro’s Notes

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Jaye Paro kept notes on her supposed meeting with “The Ten Men,” and John included them in his file. There are ten pages, apparently hastily written, with many misspellings and abbreviations. She doesn’t mention her more sensational stories (like the dead bodies and blood drinking), but notes John’s request for a public UFO demonstration and the response. There are also repeated appeals for John to believe and trust the androids (although they admit they’ve done nothing to earn it), apologies for their nonsensical behavior, and passages from the Bible. The last page is signed “Appell,” and closes with, “And now I am going to him who sent me. A word of comfort – Let not your heart nor your mind be troubled. Believe in God and Believe in me. For in my father’s house there are many mansions. I speak more words tomorrow for the M[essenger] is not well & must rest.” Under this, Jaye has written “Prennial.”

This, like much of Paro’s material, sounds to me like channeling, or automatic writing. Back in 1967, John continued to try to figure it out.

I’ve posted the first three pages below. The date in the margin on the first page, March 25, 1930, was John’s birthday.

May 21, 2017

Special Cases – The Long Island File (39): The Council of the Ten Men

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Jaye Paro’s tales now becomes even more implausible, as she reports her visit to the Council of the Ten Men. The androids (apparently also called “The Third Group”) discuss John’s proposal for a public UFO display, show Jaye bodies on tables, drink blood, and offer a set of signals that UFOs will flash during an upcoming blackout. John is elated at the news, and we can only hope that he remembers his caveat: “If Jaye is not making up all of this…”

May 14, 2017

Special Cases – The Long Island File (38): At This Point Almost Anything Seems Possible

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One the same day that John wrote the anguished letter to the androids (the one he didn’t mail), he wrote another letter reiterating his suggestion for a public UFO display. It’s very similar to the first, so I see no need to post it. He noted that he received a reply from Jaye before she got the letter.

Next in John’s file are a couple of messages passed on to him by Jaye Paro. The first, attributed to Mike Mann (another ufologist) is a hodgepodge of saucer stories; John dismisses it as nonsense, and notes it was disavowed by Mann. It’s dated June 19, so it was either dated incorrectly or filed out of sequence. The second, from an elderly Italian whose signature I can’t decipher, is a warning about the aliens. (PS: As AD Reich points out in a comment, John quotes this letter in The Mothman Prophecies. Later in his notes, he identifies the writer as a man named Louis Ingolia.) John then notes some of Paro’s trance prophecies about airplane crashes, and adds clippings on the deaths of Castelo Branco (former President of Brazil) and John T. McNaughton (incoming Secretary of the Navy), the Pope’s planned travel to Turkey, and a UFO seen over Paris; I didn’t post those either.

The androids waste no time. On July 20, Jaye claimed that she attended a meeting of the Council of Ten Men, convened to discuss John’s proposal. She had a lot to report, and we’ll start mulling it over next time.

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