January 20, 2016

A Letter from Charles Bowen, July 2, 1967: Is This Tiny?

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Charles Bowen (editor of the British Flying Saucer Review) responded to “The Big Breakthrough” with a letter on July 2, 1967, including a description of a visit from a man who sounds a lot like Tiny. I posted this a couple of years ago, but deleted the name. On further consideration, I decided to post it here. The possible Tiny candidate was Wade Wellman, the son of the novelist Manly Wade Wellman. I spoke with someone who had met him; he said Wellman was later institutionalized.

Wellman does sound a lot like Tiny, even down to the hat and the habit of reciting poetry. It may be an explanation for one notable Man In Black encounter. Even if it is, it raises more questions. Why didn’t he give his name? Why was he asking about inheritances? If he was interested in UFOs, why didn’t he ask about them? At any rate, here’s a bit more of the puzzle.



TINY. I am now seriously perturbed. In November I received a letter from Wade Wellman who announced that he was flying over to England to do research in the British Museum (checking on a manuscript about vampires!). Wellman who forever was bellyaching about being too hard up even to pay a sub for FSR. He rang me on arrival, & I collected him at West Byfleet station on Saturday, Dec. 10. I discovered him to be a huge young man — at a guess 240 lbs. — & about 6 ft. 3 ins., fair haired, very thin on top. Wore a check shirt & ducks, riding high above his ankles, & thick soled shoes. He had a shabby overcoat, & sported a Russian style of fur hat! His speech was a monotonous, emotionless, expressionless, mechanical one-pitch perpetual motion. He often broke into poetry by Milton & Edgar Allan Poe, reciting it as though he had learnt it computer fashion. He drank the best part of a bottle of my Martini & got himself well sloshed — & ranted on about poor misunderstood Hitler etc. etc. My family regarded him rather as they might do a cobra, & expressed a feeling of repugnance. I thought he was a schizo. On the Sunday, just before lunch, he said “And now may I look at your FSR files?” I declined, lying that they were “At the office”. After lunch he upped & went. I saw him off, & have had one short letter since. He flew back to De Kalb, Illinois, after only two or three days here. What do you make of that?

Your maps received, but nothing of New Jersey (Wanaque) or W. Virginia, etc.

Yours ever Charles.

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