March 28, 2013

Keel and Sanderson Try to Write a Book (5)

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The correspondence continues, in a long and lively letter from Ivan Sanderson, on April 22, 1966.  He expresses his impatience with the lists of reports found in many UFO publications, and the paucity of interpretation; and dwells on some of Kenneth Arnold’s oddities, speculating that he may have been spreading disinformation.  He also enclosed a copy (quite faded now) of a letter from the unnamed “philosopher,” offering a mostly positive critique of his recent UFO talk.

I apologize in advance for Sanderson’s racist remarks in the second paragraph.  They do crop up in his letters.  I don’t condone them, but prefer to give you the letter uncensored; the rest of it is worth reading.





March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, John Keel

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John was born on March 25, 1930.  He would have been 83 today; here he is when he was younger.


March 21, 2013

Keel and Sanderson Try to Write a Book (4)

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Meanwhile, John was preparing to beard NICAP in its den, and to see if he could dig up anything from the military.  He was also working on his ill-fated UFO piece for Playboy; the research was apparently destined for both the article and the book.

He visited Ivan Sanderson and his wife Alma to discuss the project.  John liked to reminisce about his visits to Sanderson’s farm, particularly the fact that a playful baby elephant was once in residence, and delighted in goosing visitors.  This bread-and-butter letter was written on April 12, 1966.


March 11, 2013

Keel and Sanderson Try to Write a Book (3)

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After the last exchange of letters, Ivan Sanderson fired off a short note to John, full of enthusiasm for the subject and for the proposed book.  He also attached a 16-page talk he had given to a local UFO group.  The title (if you’re curious) is “Notes on a New Concept: This may be described as a General Biological Field Theory of a cosmic nature.”  Vintage Sanderson!


Two days later, he responded to the criticisms that John had written to their agent, Ollie Swan.  He puts up a lively defense; and points out his years of experience in writing and speaking for the public.  There’s also an interesting bit in there about the “worrying matter of Forteanism.”  He also attached a few pages on the different kinds of ufologists, and a transcript of the Q. & A. from his talk to the UFO group.  (I haven’t included the attachments, since they’re long and faint carbons).





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