July 13, 2010

“Mirage Men”

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Our old friend Mark Pilkington has a new book out, and it looks quite interesting.  He’s started a blog to promote it, and to post material on its subject, “folklore and deception in the UFO age.”  Take a look at  It’s dedicated to Keel; and Mark has posted some relevant ruminations, as well as a photo that John took of Mark sitting in John’s favorite armchair.  Congratulations, Mark!

Winston F. Gardlebacher

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An article entitled “Does NICAP Really Exist?” appeared in Saucer News #72, Summer 1968 (edited by Gray Barker), under the byline of “Winston F. Gardlebacher.”

The article attacks one of the more active UFO groups of the time, the “National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.”  “Gardlebacher” closely analyzes one of its financial statements, which he calls a “model of deception and padding”; compares the budget for postage and for UFO investigations, and charges that it’s really a mail-order business, selling memberships; and concludes, “It has failed as a lobby, as a publisher, and as a profit-making mail order business.  It is mismanaged on all levels by untrained personnel…”

And who was “Gardlebacher”?  I suspect Keel: the animosity to old-guard ufology and the close financial analysis are typical; he saved three copies of the issue, in one of which the article is clipped out; and the name is similar to such Keelian personae as Thaddeus T. Farnboggle and Thornton M. Vaseltarp.  So — unless anyone out there can correct me — I’ll add it to John’s bibliography.  Welcome aboard, Winston!

July 2, 2010

“Remembering Keel”

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The Ullage Group (a loose collection of forteans and others) will mark the anniversary of John’s death with an event on Sunday, July 11, at 3 pm, at the Jalopy Theatre, 315 Columbia St., Brooklyn.

Some of John’s friends and fans, including Doug Skinner, Anthony Matt, Lisa Hirschfield, Larry “Ratso” Sloman, and probably others, will offer readings, audio and video clips, and other memorabilia from his long and sometimes unbelievable career.  As usual at these Ullage Group events, we charge a pittance (a $5 pittance), just to cover our expenses.  More info on Jalopy can be found at, and on the Ullage Group at

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